President’s Message

Globally health care delivery is facing many changes due to factors such as changes in patient demography, disease epidemiology, technology changes and heightened patient expectation.  The pace of change is actually accelerating and the impact of these factors on the health care system could vary from gradual to rather substantial depending on the development stages of the health care systems in different counties, but every health care profession would definitely be affected.  Certainly, pharmacy as an integral part of the health care system is not immune to these changes.  It will always be a challenge particularly for the pharmacy academia and educators to prepare and train professional practising pharmacists as well as pharmaceutical scientists to satisfy the current and further need of society. Besides maintaining the core competency and uniqueness of pharmacy as a distinct profession, we need to develop new skills to venture into new areas of health care service and research in order to remain a viable profession in this new era.  This will need the collaboration and coherent efforts of all pharmacy educators as well as practising pharmacists.  As the new president of AASP, I am looking forward to work with all our members and other interested parties on this challenging but exciting journey.